Welcome to the UNIX Paint project homepage

     UNIX Paint is lightweight and easy to use image editing program. It is very useful for icon drawing, low-color images and schemes.

     Development of UNIX Paint was started in Marth 2000. Currently, paint has almost all basic functions to be real paint program. It is very recommented to save your work in paint as often, as possible. It is not stable enough yet and may crash unexpetedly. If you can reproduce crash situation, please, report it to me.

Paint has trivial support for following image formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF and XPM.

Here are some screenshots of UNIX Paint:

This is The UNIX Paint.

Working in lense mode.

     Look README, TODO and INSTALL files in archive.

     Announces, news, files and other stuff is here.

     UNIX Paint is distributing under GPL license.

Copyright (c) Anatoly V. Vdovichev hdc@ngs.ru , 2000, 2001.
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